.:: Honor Reborn ::.
Tuseday & Friday Fortress Start At 7:00PM End 8:30PM
Honor Reborn Server: Offline
Players: 2 / 2000

Hotan: dummy
Jangan: dummy
Bandit: dummy

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Grand Opening Is "17/5/2018" .:: Honor Reborn ::. Recoded by Development Mudy

Grand Opening Is "17/5/2018" Honor Reborn, Enjoy Playing in Our Servers Recoded by Development Mudy
We didnt ask Any one For donation !
For Any Guide or Questions Contact With Our Group

Official Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/HonorReborn/

Official Discord Of Honor Reborn : https://discord.gg/R8zE9Q

Official Page Of Honor Reborn : https://www.facebook.com/Honor.Network/

Grand Opening Is "17/5/2018" Rules Of Our Server Recoded by Development Mudy
1:-Insult anyone from team will lead take block chatting 2 days, respect everyone in the team
2:-Buffer without cape not allowed, 1st block main account 1 day - 2nd block main account 3 days - 3rd block main account 7 days
3:-Insult in global chatting = block chatting 2 days,
4:-It is forbidden to request anything from any [GM] - [GA]
5:-Anyone from team insulting you. you have to take a screen shot and send to any administrator,gm Official Discord Of Honor Reborn
Grand Opening Is "17/5/2018" Hello, Honor Reborn We Are BACK Recoded by Development Mudy
Hello, Honor Reborn We Are BACK
-> Guild Limit is "50/50"
-> Union Limit Is "8/8"
-> Capture The Flag is Working
-> Battle Arena Manager is Working
-> Fortresswar Every Tuesday/Friday Start At 7:00PM GMT +2 End 8:30PM GMT +2
-> New Fellow Pet Attack
-> Special Spawn Places & Special Drops Scrolls and Arena
Grand Opening is "17/5/2018" Hello, Honor Reborn We Are BACK Recoded by Development Mudy
Rules Of Our Team
-> 1:-Dont insult any player
-> 2:-Dont give any player anything
-> 3:-You Should make events Everyday ... At least 6 events per day
-> 4:-All members of our team should be online at weekly date
-> 5:-All members of our team will take ban on fortress war date except admins
-> 6:-You should make events every 20 minutes
-> 7:-Dont Talk In Notice, Talk In Global Chatting Only

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